Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010 - New Year's Eve 2011 Party or Oneg Shabbat Dinner ?!

This year December 31st falls on a Friday, and thus New Years Eve coincides with Shabbat. 

What is the religious propriety of hosting the secular New Year's Eve Party on Shabbat in our Glatt Kosher establishment?

Many Jews will be tempted to celebrate the secular New Year and therefore forsake Shabbat services and observances. Talia's Steakhouse is not giving out any Shabbat exception. Talia's does not intend to do anything grandiose anyway. We understand that there are times when it is hard to turn down going out on Shabbat, but that won't really affect us. Shabbat dinner is definitely a priority, especially with your family. Your Grandma wouldn't have it any other way. Talia's believes that the spirituality of Shabbat contrasts too sharply with the hilarity of the New Year's Eve Party and that the civic New Year cannot be observed on Shabbat, as long as the sacred day's spirit prevails. For us, this Oneg Shabbat, and not New Year's Eve, should be the dominant focus of the evening. Although no music will be allowed and all food must be pre-cooked and pre-paid, Talia's guests may only enjoy a more elaborate Oneg Shabbat. If you really would like to enjoy live music, come the next day, Saturday Night, January 1, 2011. Talia's offers its usual evening of live music with no cover charge. American Jews do tend to celebrate New Year's Eve with much fanfare. So, this year, you are invited to do that, if you wish, the next day at Talia's. No matter where you go, start your night at Talia's. Anyway, we would love to hear your serious opinions and ideas about the subject of how to a glatt kosher restaurant should accommodate its orthodox dinners on New Year's Eve that falls on Shabbat.

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